133. Ocala Public Art, Weekend Plans

Artwork Details

Title: Weekend Plans

Medium: Paint

Dimensions: approx. 48" x 60'

Year: 2021

Artist Nichole Westfall

Nichole Westfall, a multi-disciplinary artist, hails from South Charleston, WV. Her work ranges from large-scale installations and murals to small assemblages and sculptures. Nicole has been working as a muralist with a focus on bringing magical scenery into unexpected placed. She graduated from West Virginia State University with a concentration in drawing. 

Artist Statement

Westfall’s design features a whimsical monochromatic evening pond scene with frogs and humans which blends Ocala’s background and eco-tourism.

Sculptor Mike Zeak

Mike Zeak is a metal artist and fabricator who has honed his craft over the years while working with all forms of steel, stainless, weathering steel, aluminum, copper and brass. His passion has led to a career in fulfilling customer’s needs and desires. He has commissioned pieces in Michigan, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Locally he has “Childhood Memories” a kinetic sculpture, on permanent display at the Appleton Museum of Art. He is the owner of Zeak Technique, Inc., a custom metal fabrication business in Ocala, Florida.

Video and Photos by Demilio Photography