154. Ocala Public Art, Reflections through Flora

Artwork Details

Title: Reflections through Flora

Medium: Paint

Dimensions: 57' W x 24' H

Year: 2020


Reflections through Flora is a collaboration between artist Ernesto Maranje, artist and fabricator Mike Zeak, and horticulturalist, Suzanne Shuffitt. 

The concept for the mural is a unique blend of street art, incorporating horticulture into the design. There are only a few like it in the world, and the only one in Marion County. The design incorporates Florida flora and fauna into a cohesive concept. The focal point of the mural is a Florida black bear accompanied by two Roseate spoonbills. The background ties in native plants, blue sky and water. The mural makes use of attached, custom-fabricated plant trellises that will house carefully curated plants and plant material. The plantings will be incorporated into the design to create a semi-three-dimensional look.

Maranje’s work is a purposeful reminder of the relationship all living creatures share with each other. Colorful, whimsical and hinting at many interpretations and possibilities, his art is one of a kind.

About the Artist

Ernesto Maranje is a Miami-based painter and muralist. He has painted murals at home and abroad, including countries like Ukraine, Iraq, the Kingdom of Jordan, Lebanon, Greece and Spain.

Ernesto discovered his passion for art while in the Coast Guard. He uses his vivid imagination to portray the unity of animals and plants by pulling different segments from each and making it a cohesive whole. Not only is the result pleasing to the eye, it reminds the viewer of our connection with nature.

Ernesto's purposeful art is a reminder of the relationship all living creatures share with each other. His message is especially significant today when so much protection is needed. Colorful, whimsical and hinting at so many possibilities and interpretations, Ernesto's art is one of a kind.

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