211. Fishing at Tuscawilla Park

Fishing is permitted at several of Ocala’s City Parks, and Tuscawilla Park is one of them.  In order to ensure that all park patrons have a safe and enjoyable experience, there are a few basic rules that need to be followed: 

1. All fishing at city ponds is catch-and-release fishing only
2.  Please keep fishing lines clear of fountains, bubblers, etc.

 3. Ensure that all discarded supplies (fishing line, hooks, spools, etc.) are put in a trash can.  And please remove any fishing line that is tangled or caught as this can seriously  harm wildlife  and people  .   There are several containers for your fishing line along the banks of the ponds.  They look like large white PVC pipes.   Please use them. 

4. No cast netting/bait collecting permitted.
5,   Do not feed or harass ducks or other animals.   Why?  It’s fun to feed the squirrels, the ducks and the ibis! The problem is that feeding animals destroys their health, upsets natural ecosystems and creates risks to native species. When we feed the animals, they lose their natural instinct to hunt for food.  Human-fed animals become habitual beggars.   The feeding of animals in the park leads to overpopulation and aggressive behavior brought on by stress from too many animals in too small a place. When the natural habitat cannot support the animal population, they will naturally leave and seek out other food sources. When people  feed the animals it leads to overpopulation.   It also leads to a loss of natural instincts, impacting natural migration patterns and overpopulation of  non-native species. 

So please refrain from feeding the fish or the other creatures that call any of the ponds home.  Everyone- human and otherwise -  will benefit!