902. Dunn House 416 S.E. Fort King Street

This Queen Anne style of home was built in 1888. It is named the "Dunn House". Mr. John Franklin Dunn and his wife Alice established Ocala's first bank in 1882. Mr. Dunn was the bank president, and was also a lawyer, orange grove owner, phosphate magnate, and mayor of Ocala. Mr. Dunn is buried in Evergreen Cemetery located on Northwest 8 Street. The town of Dunnellon is named for him as the majority of phosphate mines were located in that area.

The photos below are of:

  • The home, circa early 1900's.
  • An engraving of Mr. Dunn.
  • A bank note dated 1887 bearing Mr. Dunn's signature. 
  • The Merchant's Bank bearing the bank president's name, dated 1891.
  • Cemetery headstone located in Evergreen Cemetery.