961. University of Florida 120 S.W. 5 Street

The Florida Legislature authorized the establishment of two "seminaries of learning", one to serve residents of counties to the east of the Suwannee River, and the other to serve residents of counties to the west of that river.

The East Florida Seminary opened on this site in Ocala in 1853. During its first year the school had four teachers and 60 students. The school admitted male and female students, and the curriculum included "all routine subjects", as well as art, Greek and Latin.

This institution of higher learning relocated to Gainesville in 1866 and is now known as the University of Florida.

This OnCell sign was funded by the Bryant family, in memory of Florida Governor Farris Bryant. He served from 1961 until 1965, and graduated from the University of Florida in 1935. Governor Bryant supported community college and university level education. His photograph is shown below.