964. Carlisle House 822 S.E. 3 Street

This Frame Vernacular Carpenter style home exhibiting Gothic architectural influences was built in 1906. It is named the "Carlisle House", for Mr. James B. Carlisle who was the owner of the Palace Drug Store. Mr. Carlisle was also the original holder of the telephone company franchise in 1884, and was a fireman with the Ocala Fire Department.

James B. Carlisle was born in Ocala in 1861, and died in 1925. He is buried in Ocala's Greenwood Cemetery. Below is a photograph of Mr. Carlisle standing on the right in his drugstore. The drugstore is now an attorney's office located at 4 Southeast Broadway Street. The telephone company was located on the third floor of this building on Broadway in 1894.

Another photograph shown below is of Ocala firemen on the downtown square dated 1891, and shows James B. Carlisle leading the group of firemen. An original photograph of this scene is on display at the Ocala Fire Museum.