968. Peyser House 205 S.E. Sanchez Avenue

This two-story Victorian Frame style home features Italianate architectural details. It is named the "Peyser House," and was built in 1889. The house originally had a summer kitchen located on the back porch.

The home is named for Charles and Hannah Peyser who operated the El Tropico Cigar Company until the 1920s. The tobacco was grown locally and was also imported from Cuba. Mr. Peyser claimed El Tropico was turning out nearly 50,000 cigars weekly and was having trouble keeping up with orders from all over the country. Initially his cigar company was located in a brick building in West Ocala in Marti City, and later moved to 50 Southeast 1 Avenue.

The photographs below show the home circa 1980, Mr. Peyser, and the building that housed the cigar company on Southeast 1 Avenue. The newspaper advertisements for cigars are dated 1896.