A Tale of Two Forts - the Second Fort

Amidst growing hostilities with the Seminole, the U.S. Army reconstructed Fort King in 1837 and continued its use until the termination of the war. Unlike the first fort, the second fort appears to have been constructed in accordance with Glassell’s plans. This presumption is supported by an illustration and text description in an April 29, 1839 diary entry of Bvt. Captain John T. Sprague made while he was stationed at the fort. Archaeological findings support Sprague’s descriptions.


In August 1842, the war was declared over and the last of the troops were withdrawn from Fort King in March 1843.


THE COUNTY SEAT – In 1844, Fort King was designated the county seat of the newly formed Marion County. Buildings were repurposed into residences, a post office, a Methodist mission and a general store. The two-story cupola-topped barracks served as Marion County’s first courthouse.

Fort King has played a key role in Florida and Marion County history.

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