M1841 Mountain Howitzer Cannon

Little information exists concerning the origins of the Mountain Howitzer. Supposedly, the United States military copied a design for the cannon from a model that the French Army used to subdue Algerians in the mountainous regions of their African homeland.

The M1841 Mountain Howitzer is a mountain gun that was used by the United States Army during the mid-nineteenth century from 1830 to 1870, during the American Indian Wars. This type of artillery piece is characterized by its relatively short barrel and is the type of gun that would have been utilized at Fort King.

The Mountain Howitzer was designed to be lightweight, portable and easily disassembled. Because of this, it was an ideal weapon for fighting Indians in many locations where roads were not established or easily accessible. These Mountain Howitzers provided short range artillery support in areas where large artillery equipment was not available.

The Mountain Howitzer earned a nickname as “The Gun that Booms Twice,” because its Spherical Case shot exploded a certain distance after it was fired, causing another explosion after the initial firing sound. This Howitzer before you is fully functional and is used in many demonstrations and reenactments at Fort King today.

This Howitzer was acquired through a generous donation from the Felburn Foundation and the Fort King Heritage Association.

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