OnCell Self-Guided Tour Instructions

A. Walk & Read: As you visit, you will see markers called STOPS that have a short condensed written information that you can read.

B. Older Cell Phones: As you visit, you can call  (352) 390-2074 and then enter the STOP# and listen to an audio file that describes the information on that STOP. This audio will have more information than the STOP signs along the trail. This will use some of your paid phone minutes.

C. New Smart Phones: 

Method #1:

Download a free bar code scanner app onto your smart phone. There are many options for free QR code readers in your App Store or Google Play Store.

As you visit the site, you will see markers called STOPS that have a Code for you to scan for that STOP. After you scan the bar code image a web page will appear on your smart phone where you can listen to or read information about the STOP, see images, watch videos, and get links. This will use some of your paid phone data plan minutes per month.

Method #2:

Use the smart phone web browser and go to: http://ocala.oncell.com

You should now be able to see all the tour the City of Ocala has to offer. Chose the one you want and when finished, walk to your first STOP and your tour will begin.