Small Spaces, Big Places

About the Project

Small Spaces, Big Places is an outdoor miniature art project focusing on non-profit organizations/sponsors of Ocala’s vibrant arts and recreational spaces. Small versions of community buildings and locations will be displayed throughout the city for a limited time. Enhancing our arts climate and bringing a unique focus to some of our wonderful art spaces and community non-profits. They add a bit of whimsy, inspire imagination and play. The miniatures are not exact replicas or made to scale. Small Spaces, Big Places is an artistic impression of the big things these places are providing our city.

About the Artist

Diane Cahal is originally from Texas where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Photography with a minor in Studio Art from Sam Houston State University. Since moving to Marion County over twenty years ago, she has been a part of the local art scene by participating in numerous group exhibitions, painting Sunburst and Ocala Luna for MCA’s Horse Fever, and serving on several arts organization’s board of directors, most currently as Magnolia Art Xchange’s Vice President. Diane opened Artistic LunaSea in 2001 and continues to garner international collectors with her Polaroid manipulations, abstract watercolor and acrylic paintings, dioramas and miniatures.

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